Friday, May 9, 2014

The Three P's.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself repeating the same advice to various people in my life. (Okay, to be honest, it’s been a more than a few weeks.) And, if I were truthful, this advice has been dispensed to more than just a few people. So, after multiple recitations to said travelers on this mud ball, I’ve decided to impart this wisdom upon you. Take it or leave it, this is how I’ve come to realize what it takes to get to where I want to be.
            Where I want to be, is currently right where I am but it was a hard traveled road. A road fraught with perils of small mindedness, jealousy, traps and road blocks, yet, I managed to make it through the travails. Not an easy task mind you, it never is for anyone who goes after something they desire deeply.
            P1…Patience. By far the most important of the three P’s. Simply because if you don’t have it the other two will never come to fruition. For example… If I had simply just ignored the time frame and stayed the course of my employment twelve years ago, I’d still be working for a law enforcement agency. I’d most likely be miserable, divorced and a raging alcoholic. But, I was patient, I took things in stride and tried not to get discouraged. My patience paid off and I got literally a dream job.
            P2… Perseverance. This is an odd one and also the toughest. Simply because of the effort and will power you will expend in trying to complete a goal when others around you want to do nothing but throw up road blocks and the only advice that spews forth from them is negativity. I know, it can be extremely overwhelming at times but if you stay your course, keep your vision pure and selfless, then you will eventually win. You have to. Because people who are negative all the time expend an extreme amount of energy. An energy that seems boundless but is very hard to maintain; while positive energy, pure energy, is a much stronger, deeper and righteous force that cannot truly be stopped. Postponed maybe, but never stopped.
            P3… Persistence. You had to know this was the third “P”. If one is not persistent, then the other two “P’s” will fall quickly to the wayside of life. Don’t think I’m minimalizing the importance of being persistent. I’m not. Others in your life, the naysayers, the supporters and the bystanders all need to know what you plan, how you plan to do it and that you will never give up until you have it. Like a Rottweiler with a fresh bone. You need to make sure your goals are known and that others know about them. Unless you are dealing with politics and need to employ a more subtle and divers scheme, this has been done by yours truly and I don’t like that I’ve had to resort to those tactics. They make one feel cheap, degraded and slimy.
            But, I digress…
            I guess what I’m saying is, that if you have an idea, a goal, a plan for your life or something in which you want to accomplish… it can be done. You just have to stay passionate, which is the unfettered and unspoken fourth “P”. Passion is contagious, it only begets more passion once others realize how important your passion is. So, please, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the bullshit and nay-sayers in your life, don’t. Stay the course, be true to yourself and your vision. You will find support in your endeavors in the strangest of places and eventually, all the nay-sayers will come around and see that not only were you right, but they can trust your insight and advice.

            Have a great week.

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