Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emotional Rescue

So last night I spent almost two hours writing a blog that will most likely never see the light of day. I just could not bring myself to publish it for you kind folks here. There were no earth shattering revelations, no poignant insights, there was nothing new to convey. Oh, sure there were some peals of awareness but it lacked a certain intimacy a certain connectivity that I have been trying to build with you my readers. Don't worry I have not hit a wall and I do have several ideas for blogs in the future that hopefully you will like but I am not ready to reveal those to you just yet.

Now, as for today's blog it comes to you straight from a very good friend of mine named Qweequeg and it involves the removal of all that black, gooey, oozy, cancerous build up of emotions that seem to have taken root in all of us. These are emotions that have built up over time and have not been dealt with. They usually sneak up on us when we least expect it. They don't let you know when they arrive, they don't even ring your door bell to announce that they are taking up residency in your psyche. Then, when you least expect it...BAM!!!! They smack you upside your head with a baseball bat. I have come to refer to them by different names but I feel that the term "Ninja Assassin Emotions" fits the best simply because you never know what will let them into your mind or heart. You never know what incident or perceived callous behavior of another human will allow these deadly agents of destruction into your life.

I don't like them, I don't want 'em in me and I try not to let them build up inside of me. I despise them!!! That all being said, I also benefit from them, I think we all do in one form or another. They let us know we are still human, still feeling beings passing through this realm not alone or as robots that are here only to serve a higher power in the great machine of man's quest for domination of everything we cross paths with.

Oh, you want to know how else I benefit from them? Simple, I LOVE nothing better than to sit back with a good friend and a great Cigar over some tasty beverages and extract from them their deepest, darkest, most painful and disturbing emotions they have built up inside of them. To hear from another sentient creature that "YES! I HAVE BEEN HURT AND HERE IS HOW IT HAPPENED!" makes me feel not so alone in this insane world. To know another person is willing to connect with me on an intimate level that is usually either shared with your psychiatrist or in a drunken rage that involves the Police, Fire Department and EMT's as well, is a compliment to me and makes my heart swell.

We build a friendship that is not forged in iron or steel but one that has been forged through the fires of time and pain. Unwanted, unneeded and unresolved pain that can cause a person to freeze up in fear, can cause a person to attempt suicide, can make a person run to the bitter demon of drugs and alcohol abuse, can make you push away future friends and current family.

Through these surgical talks we build a friendship that will withstand the maelstrom of life's small issues as well as large ones. We end up forging something that is next to impossible to destroy. We build a family not connected by blood and bone but by tears, pain, self torture and incalculable abuse heaped on a human by the metric ton. It amazes me at what I have heard people say to me about what has happened to them at the hands of others. It amazes me that some folks are still able to put together a coherent sentence and are able to function. Heck, it amazes me that I can still manage to operate the remote control for the television at times but that is another story.

Now, I am not saying you dear reader need to call me on the phone or shoot me off an email depositing all of your perceived pain. What I am asking is that if you feel as if I may have touched a nerve here, if you have some "BLACK,GOOEY,OOZEY,CANCEROUS" unresolved feelings that are holding you back in life, find someone to share them with. Find a friend, a confidant. Someone who wont' judge you for what your going through, for what you've been through, for what you NEED to have extracted from you with Mental Surgical Precision that only a good listener can give you, which is the opportunity to get it out of you so that YOU can be the BEST YOU EVER!

That is all I ask, I want You, Dear Reader, to be the BEST Person you can be. And then, once you have had the opportunity to extract your pain, turn it around and allow someone else to unload their pain on you and accept it. Let them know it's ok to feel the way they do and that you are here for them. That YOU CARE! Trust me, it will be the most rewarding time you have ever spent with a friend.

Well, time for me to go, you all have fun and play nice.


  1. Great blog Skip. I think sometimes it's easy to forget about other folks in this crazy, hectic, self-centered world we find ourselves in these days. This time of year is always difficult (at least here where the sun shows up long enough to flip you the finger and then dashes off behind the depressing clouds again.) Life is a very difficult journey and made doubly so if you don't have a true friend to help you through the tough patches.
    What you have written is so true. I've been blessed by a mother who taught me what it means to be a great listener and compassionate friend. I think our world could use a few more.
    Great Blog again!