Monday, February 8, 2010

aMUSEing resolutions + an extra

Hello one and all. I am glad your back and I am glad to be back speaking with you. I also want to take this opportunity to let you all know a few things about what is going on here with me and why I have started to do a blog and a few other semi-intimate facts. Oooo Semi-Intimate... Sounds.....DIRTY. But don't get too excited, it ain't, that's for sure. So without further ado I shall now present to you the newest abomination of thoughts from the deep recesses of my brain.

Currently it is 1156 am on February 8th and I am not really used to writing while the sun is high in the sky. Well, not like this at least. You see, I made a few New Years Resolutions but I didn't make them on New Years Eve like the rest of the population of this Gianormous-Mud-Ball we happen to be visiting for our brief period of existence. I made my resolutions a few days later.

I have always had issues with resolutions and self improvement which should be no surprise to some of you out there that know me. Heck, years ago, in my drinking, drugs, smoking and womanizing days, when I had about 10 bajillion more problems and issues than I do now I could easily point a finger at what I needed to change or stop or give up to help make myself a better instrument of society, God and the human race but now, with so many years and under my belt and experiences both good and bad behind me I have found myself in a quandary.

The last few years during the season of Lent and Fasting at my church I found myself with not a very many vices left to avoid or give up. I had quit smoking, quit drinking, quit coffee, quit cursing unnecessarily and had resigned myself to a more quiet an peaceful existence. So I found myself "Taking-On" things. Things like daily praying, being nice to people I don't like, meditation and introspective thought. It worked. I became nicer, calmer and more well liked by my co-workers and friends alike. Heck, even some folks who only knew me by my reputation seemed to have heard that I had started to become nicer. It was an extremely strange time for me.

Now, recently, with the passing of a new year, I found myself once again struggling for some sort of self-improvement project to help quiet the storm that rages inside of me. To help bring peace to the constant conflict between the physical and spiritual duality that resides in us all and I could only come up with two things. One of them was writing. To use writing as a tool to help remove some of the flotsam and jetsam that has been cluttering up the flow of energy that keeps me from being who I am supposed to be. To help me become the Man that my God wants me to be, to be the Husband my Wife needs me to be and to be the Father my daughter deserves to have.

I believe it is working and I have a personal goal for my writing. It is not an insurmountable goal for me but it is a goal. I will not divulge what it is but I am sure that there are a few of you who will figure it out. After all, if your reading this and any of my other random thoughts you can't be in that large group of people I have come to dearly refer to as "The Moochers". That is not my term, I have borrowed it from Ayn Rand. She truly was an amazing writer and human being who I have respected for a long time. More on her later.

Why writing? you may be asking yourself or me for that matter. The answer is simple, I have always written. Most of it I have burned and what little of my musings that have seen the light of day or have been read by people other than me don't have a very long shelf life. I like to destroy what I write. It is purifying for me. It makes me feel better about the stuff I am going through. A purge so to speak. It works for me. Some folks work out. I gave that up when I left the Navy besides, there is no time when you work like I do.So writing was a logical choice and now all my stuff, well not all of it, is out here in the "Blue-Nowhere" for everyone who wants to take their time, to read it, comment on it and either enjoy it or hate it. I have to live with that. I consider it as "Stepping out of my box" and that is not easy for me. I have received some pretty positive feedback from what I am doing here. Which is good. Surprising to me but good. Don't worry, I don't believe I will get a "BIGHEAD" from this. I actually find it all very humbling. I just hope that when I do get some negative feedback I won't take it personally. I also hope that some of my "Other Projects" are as well recieved.

Oh, on a side note, I have discovered that my "Muse" is a vindictive little wench. She wants me to write more, to feed her insatiable appetite for my thoughts and musings. So I have started on some other projects. Some may never see the light of day and some may. I don't know. I really don't want to know. For now I am just gonna enjoy the feeling of being able to get rid of some junk in my mind. I hope you, yes YOU, enjoy this as much as I am. Oh, and you do know who YOU are don't you?

Oh, and for all of you who wanted this recipe from my last blog, here it is:

Skip's Hot Chocolate

Handful of Bittersweet Chocolate Chopped
Handful of Milk Chocolate Chopped
about 3 cups of WHOLE milk
about 2 cups of Half and Half
3 or 4 pinches of sugar
about a teaspoon or so of PURE VANILLA
Whipped cream in a can.
Nutmeg or Cinnamon (NOT CINNAMON SUGAR)

Heat the milk and the half and half to almost boiling
Throw in the chocolate and start stiring. Add the rest of the ingredients till everything is smooth.

Top with whipped cream, nutmeg or cinnamon and enjoy.

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