Sunday, September 7, 2014

Redacted Explanation

            Fall is officially here. How do I know this? Simple, football is on television and the kids are back in school, also, not so importantly to some, the election season is upon us in all its evil, gory, mud slinging and pooh flinging glory.
            A few days ago I posted my weekly blog. It wasn’t a great blog, nor was it a bad blog. To be truthful, it was a blog about a conversation I had with someone I’ve known for about twenty years. It was a very informative conversation and I followed it up with a letter from one of our founding fathers to another founding father.
            The subject of the blog was about our government and their actions towards the people of our country. After I wrote it, posted it and then shared the link on my facebook page and twitter page, I also included a link on my cousin’s page and asked for his opinion. (I rarely do this, but I trust him and I value his opinion.) His response was a bit disturbing. He said “It looks redacted.”
            I quickly opened my blog site and was shocked to see that the blog did look redacted. I then opened up my tools and saw the body of the text was in perfect form. I then checked my formatting on the blog site, it was fine, and then I opened up my word file and saw that my formatting was as normal as it always is. I had no choice, I deleted the blog from the web.
            If I were a paranoid person, I’d say someone didn’t like what I wrote or that my site had been hacked. But I’m not that paranoid… But I’m not stupid either. It’s hard for me to believe that a guy like me, who only has twenty-four registered followers and only a bit under twenty-four thousand site hits is a threat to anyone. Or, that my words have deep impact in any bunker of any government agency anywhere. I understand that I am a small fish in a small pond and I’m comfortable with that. In truth, while getting large royalty checks in the mail, having to have an unlisted number and a super-private email along with separate social media sites sounds somewhat attractive, I just don’t think I’m up for that type of life. A life living under a microscope, a life that brings new friends every day and in some cases people who have ill will towards you. Hell, I have enough people who hold bad thoughts towards me as it is and I’m just a nobody with a small blog and a few short stories published. In truth, my truth, I’m don’t feel as if I’m a great writer in the style of the men and women I grew up reading.
            So what happened?
            I don’t know.
            And I’m not going to question it too much. I’m not going to try and investigate it nor am I going to complain about it. What I am doing is letting you, my dear readers know, Yes, I posted a blog last week, but something went wrong and now in response to the “error” I’m posting this blog instead. A blog of explanation without any true answers. I hope you don’t mind.

            Have a great week.

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