Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The End is Near

                It has started so slowly none of us really saw the beginning of it. Even me, and my slightly above average intelligence recognized the beginning. Sure there have been bell ringers over the past twenty-five years or so, but most of the American population has chosen to ignore these doomsayers as over-zealous carolers of the end of days. But, as with all end-of-times prophets, there have been some nuggets of truth.
                Oh, I’m sorry; did I fail to give you the topic of this week’s discussion?  I didn’t mean to. The topic is Liberty.
                Not too long ago, some knucklehead in the state of New York thought it would be a good idea to ban large sugary drinks because they help cause obesity. I’m not here to give the pro’s or con’s on this particular detail but I am here to say I believe it is unconstitutional AND say there are a metric-fuck-ton of other important issues that seem to afflict our nation’s health and welfare. Besides, what is to stop someone to just purchasing a large cup, fill it with ice and then pour and entire two liter bottle of sugary syrup in the cup? Nothing… yet.
                In a country such as ours, where anyone sixteen year old can get behind a the wheel of a vehicle and drive at unprecedented speeds with little or no control, why are we concerning ourselves with how much LEGAL beverages one can imbibe at one time. Mind you I am not speaking of alcoholic beverages, just the kind that has been banned?
                If the wise men and women in a leadership position have a true concern for us and our progeny then they would not be concerning themselves with such trivial concerns. They would be more concerned with industrial production in our country. Concern for future entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors and even philosophers, for people that will not just make a difference in our future but people who will increase the general welfare of our Nation, but instead, they choose to pick a cause that means absolutely nothing in a person’s life but opens a crack in the door known as a person’s “Right to the pursuit of happiness.”
                I am a firm believer of a small government is a good government and a government that governs least, governs best. To give an example… in our country we have legalized tobacco, and I am a big fan of certain tobacco, cigars for example, but not cigarettes. I don’t like cigarettes because I don’t agree with the additives and preservatives the manufacturers put into them, those artificial ingredients that have been proven to not just cause cancer but to make the user addicted to the product. A product that has caused more death and destruction than all the car accidents, plane crashes and terrorist attacks have ever inflicted upon this nation. Yet, our government sees fit to keep tobacco, cars and planes legal. As for terrorism, we know how that fight is going, don’t we?
                I heard a politician on the radio say that it is the job of the government to educate those it governs. This flea brained, publicly elected, waste of human genome is so far from the truth that I am absolutely positive our fore-fathers are ready to rise from their respective graves and start the zombie apocalypse just to see the end of their great experiment because of how bastardized the last thirty years of leadership in this country have taken their vision off course.
                It is not the government’s job to educate the public. Nor is it the job of these elected officials to tell us how much soda pop we can drink. It is the job of the government to make sure we have good relations with other countries. Not to be the world police. Not to send the young men and women of our nation into certain death in the face of an unknown enemy. They don’t have the right to pick and choose which Constitutional amendments in the face of what they think is the safety of the citizens they have been elected to represent.
                I don’t now nor can I remember when I have ever trusted our government. I wish I could say I trusted them during my time in the United States Naval service but I can’t honestly say I did back then. I know I definitely don’t trust them now. How can I trust a system that seems bent on making each and every one of its constituent’s dependent upon itself and the men and women who make the gears of the country turn in uninterrupted movement? But, now it seems to me that the movers and shakers who make this possible are becoming few and far in between. Most of these “producers” seem to have seen the writing on the walls of production have either moved their factories and assembly lines to countries where people are more eager to work for a wage than squabble over what sort of government taxes and restrictions that seem to have only the goal of reducing the quality and quantity of what is produced.
                I suppose it is no surprise that one of my favorite books is “Atlas Shrugged” or actually anything by Ayn Rand. I am a supporter of anyone who has the cajones to speak out about people who actually do more than those that take from the people who are doing. This sort of thinking is not popular amongst many of our nation’s residents. Not popular because I expect others to give as much effort to living as I do. Let’s face it, I’m a Polack from Wisconsin who does not come from much and has struggled all his life to make a better living for the ones in my life I am responsible for. That being said, how can one man, like me, fight against what seems to be inevitable? How is it that most of the people that a person comes into contact with depend more and more upon the generosity of the government when their own policies are destined for certain doom?
                We are approaching maximum capacity within our Nations entitlement programs, a capacity that will collapse when there are more people taking then there are more people doing. When this happens, our government who has leveraged every piece of land and taken out every loan from every country it can muster to ask for money from will collapse. The men and women who know how to fix things, change light bulbs and make our fresh water flow will decide that it is not worth the effort to keep the people who don’t want to or are unable to help themselves will just decide to quit. They will walk off and leave nothing but the ruins of a nation behind them and not look back at the helpless who scream for mercy. For they will have no mercy left in their system. They will have learned, first hand from the powers who have handcuffed them to their positions, that saving America and humankind is not worth their effort. Instead, they will only decide that their own preservation is worth more than their fellow man. I can’t blame them nor would I ever be able to convict them for this decision.
                How long can one person hold up the people who have done nothing but be a yoke around this person’s neck? How long can one bear the weight of those who have not taken responsibility for themselves and their family? I can’t say for sure, but I know that in my own life I know several men and women who have through the sheer power of their will, mad things happen against the odds of all the politicians and looters that stood before them. I admire people like that. They are like the underdogs of our generation. If you think about some of the names of the men and women who have helped shape our current technological advancement you may agree with me.
                Here are a few names:
                Steve Jobs
                William Gates
                Willis Carter
                Orville and Wilbur Wright
                Benjamin Holt
                Leo Baekland
And many, many more.

                Have a great week and remember, Question Authority!

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