Thursday, March 21, 2013


Last week’s blog seemed to touch some sort of fire in some of my reader’s souls. I have received several comments; privately that is, about the blog and I figured I am going to have to explain myself just a bit more.
                Thomas Jefferson said “A difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.” I try and keep this quote in my mind every time I hear someone say something I don’t agree with. Because, truly, deeply and honestly I believe we are all traveling on this spaceship we call earth together and we have each other’s best interest at heart. (Ok, I know there are some bad folks in the world who would like nothing better than to see it destroyed but I’m talking generalities here.) That all being said, I know there are many solutions to the multitude of problems that afflict our country. I don’t have the answers, only speculations. I don’t carry solutions only different views. I don’t now or ever want to be a politician. I’m just a concerned citizen who votes at every election be they federal, state or municipal, I always vote.
                I won’t nor can I go into every opinion I have on every topic that this country faces here and now, otherwise this blog would be way too long. I don’t want to do that to you, I can’t do that to you and I won’t do that to you. But I will talk about entitlement programs… Yes, if you wish to stop reading here I wouldn’t blame you. I can hardly believe I am writing this myself. So, if you must stop reading I recommend you go back to facespace or tweetsville and have a blast tearing me a new one. I’m comfortable with your actions and it is within your right to do so.
                I’m not a fan of entitlement programs. I know they serve a purpose and there are people out there who need them and deserve them. But, and this is a big but, I have seen them abused for decades by so many people that I believe it is a system that either needs to be revamped or abolished all together. Since I know the current politicos will never get rid of the system I say we revamp it. Yes, I am for drug testing for individuals who receive federal and state funds. It only makes sense to me. From where I stand it is my belief that a government who is acting under the guise of making sure its citizens have enough food to stay healthy and are giving them free healthcare test for any illicit drugs the individual may be doing that could damage the health of the individual and increase the cost of health benefits to the individual in the future. It lessens the burdens of the tax paying citizens who are actually paying for the programs and it shows a good faith towards the working people of this country who trust the government to do the right thing in the interest of the tax payers.
                Also, if an individual who is on entitlement programs does not deserve to get a tax refund nor should they have to pay taxes. And they should not have the opportunity that the folks who actually pay their taxes have. Sure, they can vote, but as for loans for new vehicles and homes, I don’t think so. I know they deserve a place to live and a vehicle to transport them from point A to point B, but are they viable to receive the same loans a hard working individual has earned? No, I think not. This may sound cold and crass to you but think about it. Why would a businessman give a loan to someone with no real income? It makes no sense does it? Would you loan money to someone who has no income and they don’t know when or if they will be able to pay you back? Would you readily give your car to someone who feels they deserve it just because they say they do? I know I wouldn’t. I work hard for everything I have and I don’t feel it is right to me and my family for someone to claim what is mine should be theirs simply because they think they need it.
                I’m not against charity; I think if an individual wants to give to a charity, it is the individual’s choice to do so. I don’t think it is the governments job to demand we give to charities and that is what most of these systems have become. In my opinion that is. A good portion of our taxes go to fund programs that can be considered charity. And, there are even organizations that come to your house and pick up things and give them to needy people. But this should all be voluntary and not mandatory.
                I’ve heard a lot about the one percenters and I have nothing but applause for most of these folks. A lot of them actually pay more in taxes than I earn in a year and yet they still manage to find ways to donate their time and money for other charitable contributions. Just look at Bill Gates. The guy came from nothing and now gives away more money in a year than I will see in a lifetime. Kudos to him. He is not the only one however; there are many more individuals out there who do the same thing. Yes, they claim their charitable donations on their taxes and get credit for it, so can you. Whether you give a pair of pants or a television to any charity you can claim it on your taxes.
                Speaking of which, the US tax code is non-exclusive, every deduction that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet get, so can you. You just have to go through the effort of doing so. If you are self-employed and drive to a lunch meeting, the gas in your car and the money spent on lunch are completely deductible. All medical expense is deductible including gas for your drive to the doctors.  But, if you as an individual are taking money from the government via the taxpayers, you should not be allowed these deductions. Why? Simple, you did not contribute to the cause. You did not add you ante to the pot, to use a poker term.
                Our system is not perfect, never has been, that is why our founding fathers made the constitution a living document. Sure, it is old and needs some more detail but it is the best damn thing written in the past one thousand years. It works, slowly, but it does work and it is not perfect but try going to another country and receiving all the rights and freedoms we as citizens take for granted. You will be back.
                I could go on but looking at my word counter I have already blown past my self imposed word count.
                Have a great week.

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