Friday, February 8, 2013

Loose Rules

I just finished a short story due in March. By finished I mean the first draft is done. The story still needs to be edited and hacked to bits a few times before it is finalized and ready for public consumption. This will be my fourth published short story, which makes me happy in a way.  However; this story is not like the others. It is much less “in your face” and much more “read between the lines”. This makes me nervous. Because I’ve not really written any fiction in this manner and I’m not sure how it will be received. I also don’t know if I’m happy with it. Not that I’m ever satisfied with what I write but I put it out into the ether for you, my dear reader, to read.
            I’ve said before I really don’t consider myself much a writer, I look at what I do more as a relief valve for my life. You know, sort of like a pressure cooker valve that releases steam when needed.  My blog, this blog, is used for that purpose. My non-fiction, those are also used in a way for releasing pressure as well, but in a different manner. I normally talk to a pal or two here in my adopted home town about my writing but since both of them are unavailable, that leaves me to talk to you. Although, it is a one way conversation it will help me sort out my thoughts.
            Which brings me to what I’ve been working on in my writing; I have one tale which is growing into what could be a novel. Another story outlined and no word limit in mind and a third in the wings jumping up and down. The funny thing about these tales is they all want equal time to get out of my head and onto the page. They also have one other important detail as well, none of them fit into a particular genre. A pal of mine, Tom, told me everything I write and everything he writes fits into a “Speculative Fiction” category.
Mirriam-Websters defines “Speculative” as this:

1: involving, based on, or constituting intellectual speculation; also: theoretical rather than demonstrable <speculative knowledge>

2: marked by questioning curiosity speculative glance>

3: of, relating to, or being a financial speculation <speculative stocks> <speculative venture>

            My buddy Tom is correct. What I am writing fits perfectly into this category. But then again, all genres fall into this category. While I have primarily written horror shorts stories, I have also written a crime story, a redemptive story, a spiritual story and a supernatural tale. As a matter of fact I am also working on a series of tales which revolve around one particular character. It seems everything I write falls into this broad category and few publishers like a wide variety of fiction. They seem to like to pigeon hole a writer into “Fantasy”, “Science Fiction”, “Horror”, “Romance”, “Literature”, “Suspense”, “Crime”, or many of the other genres which are available to readers across the globe.
            So I am in a quandary here with my fiction. Care to help?
            On another note, I’ve had two people this past week send me inquiries about blogging. Yes, I do consider myself a blogger, and my history on here is proof to that. I enjoy writing my blogs and sharing with those who take time to read them the nuggets of frustration, insanity, fears and even the odd story of my life on here. I try to be as open and honest with you fine folks here. Also, I try to protect my family and others who may not appreciate being characters in these blogs.
            So, I shall put down here for all to read some of my personal rules of blogging:
1.      Try not to blog angry.
2.      Take into account other people’s privacy. They may not want their laundry out in the world.
3.      Write every day. Even if it is in your mind or on a scrap piece of paper.
4.      Set a deadline for your blog. Whether it is weekly, daily, bi-weekly or monthly. Readers like to read. Give them something to read.
5.      Use “Spell Check” and “Grammar Check”.
6.      Remember, everything you write is not everything you should post.
7.      You will upset some people. (Ask my Mother.)
8.      Avoid political and religious topics. Unless it is pertinent to a situation. But never disparage another person’s opinion or belief.
9.      Everything you post will never go away.
10.  Be truthful.
There you go. Those are the rules I try to go by when I blog. I also have a loosey-goosey rule where I try to not review movies, books or food. I do make exceptions of course but for the most part, I don’t. Besides there are a million sites on the net that do those sorts of things and the last thing you want to do is be another voice screaming in a crowded stadium.
This is my blog for the week. I know, nothing earth shattering or insightful.
Have a great week.

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