Friday, August 5, 2011

A Book Review

Ok, so I don’t normally do reviews for books or movies or even television shows. I have a simple reason as to why I don’t. It’s because everyone has their own preference and taste in what entertains them. And, I hate it when I read a review of a particular entertainment media that is negative or even positive and then I go and experience the shenanigans for myself and I walk away with a differing opinion. But I have to make an exception here. Simply because I really dig this story and the master of prose who wrote it, so if you don’t want to read a book review by yours truly, feel free to skip over this blog and continue on with your life. But… If you really want to hear about a crazy read filled with amazing characters… By all means…

Read on.

Sampson and Denial by Robert (Bob) Ford

This story takes place in Philadelphia and the characters that Bob has created in the less then genteel world of economic struggle are unapologetic in their raw grittiness of humanity. Or in some cases, their lack of humanity as the fight for survival in a world that is shrinking faster than the fall of Presidential G.W. Bush’s approval ratings in his last year in office. I’d like to be able to pinpoint this tale into one particular genre, but I can’t. It’s filled with suspense, love, horror, crime, supernatural and self discovery. The 128 page novella never seems to give the reader a chance to catch their breath as they become engrossed in the tapestry that resides inside the mind of the main character and his quest to save himself from certain doom. As the hero traverses in and out of crime ridden areas of a city where the only way to survive is to become top rat in a world of cutthroat villains, I found myself looking over my shoulder just to make sure I was in a safe environment.

The manner in which the tale unfolds, told through first person with a nice blend of flashbacks to fill in the reader of the hero’s motives is seamless. Only to bring you back to the modern day futile struggles of a man seeking to do good in a world that wants him to be bad. This gives the reader a chance to connect with the protagonist as he slips ever deeper into mindset of revenge and rage on his quest for a more redemptive life. There seems to be something for everyone in this story and I hope that you go out and get yourself a copy.

Oh, I almost forgot, the book will be available from

P.S. I’ve read this book twice and I am going to do it again… real soon!

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