Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of the Year

Well, it’s the end of 2010 and as I sit back in reflective thought, I ask myself some very tough questions. Questions like; Are you a better person? Have you grown emotionally? Are you more responsible? Am I wearing matching socks? You know the same questions we all ask ourselves, right before we make insane resolutions for the upcoming year.

Speaking of resolutions, let’s see how I did with mine this past year. But first let me tell you what my resolutions were:

  1. Try to approach all conflict with a sense of good humor and level headedness.
  2. Write one blog a week.
  3. Write more fiction.

That’s it. Those were my resolutions. Just those three simple resolutions and here are my results:

  1. I can honestly say that up until June I was doing a pretty good job at maintaining good humor and level headedness. Then things went a little crazy. For the rest of the year I sort of put my restraint on the back burner. And by that I mean, I sort of just shrugged my shoulders in most circumstances and thought to myself “In 50 years, I’ll be dead and no one will care if I lose my mind right now.” Now, did this attitude hurt some people? Piss others off? Did I lose friends? Probably. Do I care? Very little. Should I care? Probably. I did not fully succeed but I didn’t fail completely either in this resolution.
  2. I believe that I’ve been successful in this one. Although I there were two distinct circumstances where I missed my personal deadline, I tried to make up for it by double loading the next week. Also, there are 52 weeks in the year and this post makes my 58th of the year. Now, I have thought about posting all the stats and ridiculous information that as a Blogger I have access to but it’s quite boring and I really don’t know what to make of all that data besides from the obvious fact that people from across the globe find some of what I say interesting. I succeeded.
  3. I have not written as much fiction as I would have liked. But, and this is a BIG but, I have submitted two stories for publication and have even received my first rejection letter/email. I’m sort of proud of that email. I still have not heard from the folks from the second submission. I have also finished a few other short stories and even some flash fiction. I succeeded.

So, to sum up this past year’s resolutions, I feel quite good at my successes. I hope you fared as well.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few folks who have helped me out through the craziness of 2010:

First, all of you, my readers, you guys and some of your comments have really lifted my spirits in times when I just felt I should quit. Also, some of you I have been able to reconnect with after many years of alienation through life’s demands.

Second, I would like to thank by old shipmate Brian for showing me that just about any old sailor could put down in words the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing, and have them make some sort of sense. Thanks Shipmate, your friendship over the past two years has been invaluable.

Third, Bob, you dude, truly were there for me when I was in a very dark place and I don’t know how I can ever repay your friendship.

Fourth, Qwee, Mozo, Gorebeast, Bamfer, the artist formerly known as DarkIntruder, Tom, Kurt, Kelli, Ron, Morticia, Jeff and the rest of my followers . You guys have kept me going when you didn’t even know I needed to be started up.

Lastly, I want to thank my family, every one of you have supported me and made me feel as if I was doing something that mattered. Which in this day and age where people across the world will grab onto any new fad or craze just feel some sort of self worth is quite amazing. And I thank you for allowing me the time to sit either on the couch, the dining room table or at my desk and pound my keyboard until hairs on my head turned gray.

Ok, enough mushy crap, now onto the tasty life bits:

This year I attended one wedding. Watched in joy and awe as two of my buddies each celebrated the birth of their little girls. I spent too much time at three different funerals, and observed firsthand the loss and pain death causes. Whether the death was expected and peaceful, or in one case, unexpected, bloody and chaotic, everyone involved experienced and shared in the pain of death. I worked approximately 3120 hours and took 80 hours of leave and 40 hours of sick leave from work. (These are truly approximations.) I traveled to Pennsylvania twice, once by car and once by train. Both experiences were quite different but equally informative and I can only hope that more trips north will be in my future.

Well, that’s it for now, I suppose. No great revelations, no ancient scabs peeled back for you to poke at with a stick. No complaints or bitches from me. I would like to take this time with you though, to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope that if you make any resolutions you achieve your goals. Also, if you’re so bold please post what your resolutions are. As of right now, I truly do not have any resolutions, but that doesn't mean I wont have any in the future.

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  1. My resolutions:
    -be more organized
    -get my business going

    I am honored to be on the list in your post!