Sunday, November 7, 2010

Geology 101

Rocks have been used as a term to describe many things over the years and recently I was compared to one. Which, got me wondering about them, in my own sort of way that is. And, it pretty much goes like this:

Paul was the Rock that Christianity was built on.

Charlie Brown got a rock for Halloween.

Rock and Roll can soothe the soul, a lyric from a song.

Rock and Roll aint noise pollution, is a great song.

Rocky was a movie about a fighter.

Rock of ages, another great song.

Rocky Mountains.

Marble is a type of rock and Michalangelo carved David out of marble.

Stick and Stones can break bones but words can kill a soul.

Solid as a Rock, another song.

Rock and Roll Damnation, yet another song.

Rocky Mountain High, again, another song.

Geology is the study of Rocks.

There are three types of Rocks, Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamophic.

Some rocks are over 250 million years old. (THAT IS WICKED!)

When a man gives a woman a Rock she usually says “Yes”.

When a woman gives a man a Rock it usually means he has to buy a new windsheild.

Some of the first tools man ever used were made out of rocks.

Rocks have been used as building tools for man ever since he came to be here on Earth. Some of the most ancient structres known to the modern world, Stonehenge, the Pyramids, were built solidly out of rock.

I just realized, I could go on and on with facts about rocks and their many uses to civilization and man. So in the intrest on not boring you kind folks to tears, I shall try and refrain from sticking anymore facts in here. Now, I’ll just go on and write about my own particular views of rocks.

Most rocks are jagged, hard and dense. They are also older than we realize and some even come from outer space. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Also, if you take a rock that’s a bit rough around the edges and stick it in a cool mountain stream, over the course of the next 10,000 years you will have a very nice smooth, rounded pebble. Or, if you put that rock in the ocean near a beach it will eventually be pounded into fine sand. And we all know that millions of people all over the world enjoy going to the beach and digging through the sand. Lying on the sand. Burying themselves in the sand. Absorbing the cast off heat of the sun through the sand. Letting that heat, warm the cold confines of ones soul.

Another thing you could do is take that rock and stick it in the desert and watch over time as the wind, rain and sunlight bleach and erode away all the cold roughness of it. Eventually making it into an even handed, smooth, almost blazing white piece of granite. Then again maybe the rock has been kept under earth, experiencing massive pressure and heat, only to be transformed into a rare and precious gem stone.

So? Exactly how do I stack up to one of these examples? I have no clue. I’m taking the comment as a compliment and moving on with my life. I do know that I am a bit rough around the edges, and that age has smoothed some of my sharper points. I know that I can be cold and heartless at times but then again I can be just as charitable and warm at other times. I am built solid and rarely do I break. If you ask my coworkers, I don’t really have feelings and almost every insult or joke made at my expense is ignored or laughed at. They are not allowed to penetrate the thickend skin of granite I have accumulated over my life. Then, there are times when I’m as dense and senseless as a slab of concrete and other times where I sparkle with brilliance. (This being one of the former and not the latter times. Yes, I make a joke at my own expense. So laugh.)

In conclusion…

We are all rocks of varying degrees. We have a tendency to crumble like sandstone and stand tall like a mesa. We can be as dull and uncharacteristic as a pebble on the interstate in the desert or as shiny and faceted as a diamond in the jewlery store. We are who we are. Each and everyone of us as different as the gravel on the road and just as jagged. We are as smooth as the stones in the mountain streams and as warm as the sand on the beaches of the Carribean. We are all as alien to the new people we meet as the meterorites that fall from the sky. But, know that inside each of us there is a gem, a statue, a masterpiece, just waiting to come out. It just takes time and paitence.

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