Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Updates

Welcome back!

Let’s see, how would you all like a quick update this week? Hmm? Ok. I like that idea, no long, drawn out stories of my past or present, no fun filled psychological trauma caused by an overactive imagination, no limericks, no deep insight, just an update.

Cool. I think I can handle that, besides, I am sure some of you are pretty tired of me droning on and on and on. So, let’s go to the races.

On your mark,

Get set,


Last week I got my first rejection letter from a magazine. That was pretty sweet, but to be honest I couldn't really remember the details of the story I sent so I went back and re-read it. Man did it SUCK! So, now I am in the midst of re-writing it in the hopes of being able to submit it to another periodical. I am liking the changes so far and it is actually going to be lengthier than what it previously was.

Civil servitude is going well and I now have two interns to do all of my evil bidding! Mwahahahahahaha!!!! We are currently getting ready to move a small portion of the collection I am in charge of as well as get ready for “Winter Wonderland” installation. Quick side-note; first let me say I love winter and Christmas, but damn, I hate getting ready for it even before Halloween is here. While all my friends and enemies are getting ready for some killer costume parties, myself and three other Exhibit Technicians are building Christmas sets, putting up twinkle lights, dissecting and disemboweling the guts of non working animatronic elves only to replace the worn out 30 year old parts with new motors and gears to get them working for the joy and laughter of 10,000 visitors that course through the museum between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

It is worth it, I know it is. But sometimes I would just like to enjoy a little paganism of the Autumnal Season and all the spookiness that comes with it. The fascination of the dying of the earth and the joy and sorrow it brings to each and every one of us. I have missed out on one of my favorite seasons for the past seven years and I don’t foresee any participation in the festivities in the near or distant future for me.

Sidetracked. I would say I am sorry for that rant but I can’t, simply because I really do enjoy Fall and I wanted to share that with you. (See, you just learned a little bit more about me.)

October is here and with it brings Football and Birthdays, at least in my part of the world. I grew up in Green Bay and I have at least four people in my immediate family that have birthdays this month. If you’re a Yankee like me then you fully understand why this is so. If not, then you need to go get your calender and ask yourself what goes on in the North when your snowed in and cable is out.

In other news, my daughter is adjusting well to public school but I question the schools academic syllabus. Nothing wrong with public school mind you, I am a product of public and a little private school but that was before the 4th revisionist history of the world took place. (Not gonna go any further on that right now.)

In more local Southern news, there seems to be a Mayoral election coming up in the City of Portsmouth and at last count we had six candidates. Hmm, talk about indecision 2010. All the candidates seem to cater to one or more minority or other here and it has been a blast to observe the mudslinging in the papers and local news. As of this posting I really don’t know who to vote for, the local sports hero, female business woman, unemployed entrepreneur, the city watchdog, or one of the two minorities that are cutting each other to ribbons. Heady times in the world of Southern Politics.

Well, that is about it for now, I am gonna take off and continue my re-write and finish this tasty cigar. Have a great week.

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