Monday, May 3, 2010

Geppeto's Revenge

I am tired. I am even too tired to rant. I want to rant. I want to be mad and yell and scream and fight but I am just too tired. I wish I weren’t so worn out because I have a lot to be pissed off at. (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition but I just don’t care right now.)

Let’s see what I am tired of; I am tired of mid-level managers with an over-inflated sense of self importance. I am tired of high-level managers who refuse to find out the truth of incidents for themselves. I am tired of overpriced food cooked by mediocre chefs. I am tired of “reality” television being forced down my throat because it is “Dramatic”. I am tired of the pain I feel when I get out of bed in the morning and the pain I feel when I get into bed at the end of the day. I am tired of worrying whether or not someone at work is “Watching” me. I am tired of being the exception to the rule. I am tired of politicians with too much power and money telling “Regular” Americans how to run their lives and support their families. I am tired of bankers, yes, just bankers in general, corporate bankers loaning money to companies they have a stockholders interest in and then turning around and giving money to the politicians so they can do more underhanded, behind the scenes, dirty little schemes to bilk the unsuspecting American public.

Ok, side bar here, just a quick disclaimer so to speak, I am a fan of Capitalism and of earning money by either producing a good or service that is tangible for others to purchase. Especially if that good or service is for the betterment of the community as a whole. But, and this is a DOOZY, when GREED becomes the driving force and major factor in your earning potential and short cuts are made, people are hurt, killed or mentally destroyed then you my dear capitalist have warped the core meaning and value system this country was founded upon. WE THE PEOPLE have rights and WE THE PEOPLE are not supposed to be taken advantage of in what I can only view as a “Conspiracy of Greed”. Sure, go out and make money honestly and with hard work. You have my blessing but when you do it in the name of Capitalism and warp the principles of Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Addams, Mr. Henry and many, many more true Men of Standard that have come before you, then you are just as evil and as rotten as the murderers and rapists in prison. Because what you leave behind are victims that will never be able to cast an accusatory finger at you. They, the victims, will never see your face, see you in court, and see you pay for your crimes against them and many others like them. Nope, they are left out in the cold. Literally with no homes, no money, no future, no jobs and no way to explain to their children what happened. Simply because they themselves don’t know what transpired behind some closed door in some dark room, in some basement boiler room in some city here in the good ‘ol US of A. (Actually it most likely was a well lit room with drinks being served by illegal aliens who can’t speak a lick of English but that is a rant for another day.)

My point in all this? Simple, years ago, I don’t remember when, our Government and our Wall Street Bankers got together and decided to make some money by setting up the American people for failure through “Cheap, Affordable Loans” and, We The People got hosed. I don’t even think our grand-children are going to be able to dig us out of the hole that has been dug in the name of Capitalistic Greed. True, the Government only approved the change in law for the banking industry to give loans to people who really did not deserve them (They pointed to the spot where to dig the hole) and true the Loan Officers were only doing what they were told by their supervisors by approving loans to people who could not really afford them (They sold us the shovels) and True the Americans who were under-educated thought they could afford a nice home and live the American dream on minimum wage (We started digging in the name of Freedom and Dreams). Then, like all pyramid schemes, yes this is a pyramid scheme, Banking Officials at the top waving money at us folks on the bottom, Politicians in the middle telling “We The People” that we too can have as much pie as we want, and of course “We The People” at the bottom of the heap trying ever so hard to live out the dream that has been sold to us on silver painted platters made of cow manure.

Now? It is all falling apart, kind of like the kids song “London Bridge” only it’s the American Economy and the faith in the almighty American Dollar that is deteriorating at an alarming rate. I wish that there was an easy answer, you know like that commercial where the people are in grave danger and they just push a button and everything is back to normal? Yeah, one of those things. We need it now more than ever. We need it more than a drowning man needs oxygen or a starving man needs food. We need it but we aren’t demanding it. Sure, some congressmen are sitting in chairs in Washington D.C. yelling and screaming at the Chief Financial Officers of the Wall Street banking crowd but all I see when I look at them is a marionette show and the puppet master is not even in town. ( Hmm, Pinocchio Goes to Washington. I think I just found my title for this blog.) Who is this puppet master you may be asking yourself right now and me for that matter? I don’t know. I wish I did. I would rob him and then but a beat down on him the likes this world has never seen. But I don’t know and the people that do know the answer to that question don’t talk to folks like me or you and most likely they don’t talk to anyone you know.

So, back on point, yes, I am tired and when I say I am tired I mean that I am one Bone-Weary Sailor-Cowboy from Wisconsin now residing in Virginia. I am tired of all the rhetoric from the talking heads on T.V, I am tired of all the BS coming out of the politicians mouths, from the POTUS all the way down to the local City Councilmen and women. I am tired of busting my butt over 70 hours a week for the government to take my tax money and give it away to people who don’t even TRY to deserve it. I am tired of people abusing our FREE health care at the now De-regulated emergency rooms just because they have a cold or a splinter or a hang nail or a wart. I am tired of illegal immigrants taking starting jobs that our teenagers used to have and I am tired of adults taking teenagers jobs too. I was a paper boy, I was a yard boy and I even shoveled snow in the winter.

Now? All those things are done by either illegals or adults struggling for money while our youth are coddled and babied by their dotting parents. I can’t stand it. All this crap really burns me up inside and I am trying, really trying to not lose what little mind I have left. It aint’ working. We are broke and not just financially. We are broke emotionally, spiritually and worse yet, our Faith in America is broken. Our fighting men and women overseas who have stepped up in their faith and honor for service to a better America are to be commended for what they are doing and for the price they are paying at the orders of the heads of state who wouldn’t know an RPG from an IED.

Once again, I am off track; see I told you I was tired. Look faithful reader, I am going to try and sum this up quickly and succinctly, please, for the Love of Your Country and all that She has given you, TRY to see past all the crap that is being force fed into your senses by the media and the talking heads. Because the real puppet master, the wizard, he is hiding behind a curtain somewhere, pulling levers and strings. Making others dance and do his bidding and it just seems to be a gigantic joke played not just on us in the US of A but the world in general. And no I am not a conspiracy theorist or a madman with a keyboard. I am just an average workin- Joe living in the Heart of the South and trying my hardest to make my life just a little bit better.

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  1. I think we are all tired. We live way too long or not long enough (depending on your perspective) in a system geared to squeezing as much value out of each person.
    I hate and feel sorry for mid level managers. Managers are not people who move up to do a "better" job. they just got tired of taking shit and would rather give shit.
    As for living too long, I think most people work and trudge with little or no vision of ANYTHING. All they do is work like drones and complain.
    As for not living long enough, some of us have dreams and talents that we can never really explore simply because we are always busy working. I wish i could have the time and money to explore and develop all of my talents. The only thing that really sucks about my life is not being able to write, draw, paint, perform, learn, explore and do all of the other things that truly make us human.