Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things I learned in New Jersey

I recently took a six day vacation with my family to New Jersey to visit more family on the Apple Orchard/Farm there. While there we, my wife, daughter and I went to the island of Manhatten but that is a Blog for another time. This Blog is dedicated to what I learned in New Jersey. So without further fanfare and Bullsh&^ I shall now start to let you all know what I have learned from my travels and stay in the Garden State.
In New Jersey you can't pump your own gas but you have to bag your own groceries.
In New Jersey you get into the state for free but they charge you to leave.
In New Jersey you can get almost anywhere you want by the New Jersey Transit but don't try taking your car on a country road unless it is a Hummvee.
In New Jersey the Municipalities actually call the DPW workers out at night or even on Holidays to salt and sand the roads. Also, they will call them out to plow the roads too once the snow stops.
In New Jersey if you want booze you have the option of going to any "Privatly Owned" Liqour store you want to and the State does not tell you when or where you can get your liqour from.
In New Jersey you can see giant "McMansions" built on 2 acres of land and next door to them there is a trailer park.
In New Jersey the "Real Mansions" come from really OLD money but they don't let it go too much to their head.
In New Jersey even the "Poor" farmers are able to put GINORMOUS Christmas Wreaths up on their silos.
In New Jersey there are Dunkin Donuts every half mile and Krispy Kreme donuts are nowhere to be found.
In New Jersey the best "Seafood" seems to be at the local "Red Lobster".
In New Jersey the best food is found at Locally Owned "Dives."
In New Jersey the "Jersey Girls" you meet seem to be extremely friendly, dress as if they are going to a cocktail party and always have food and booze on them to share with new friends.
In New Jersey you can't seem to make an enemy and no one seems to have been born there but seem to have migrated from the other 49 states in the Union.
In New Jersey if you don't drive on the 206 then your on the Turnpike.
In New Jersey the local Police seem to know who you are and where your going even before you planned your trip either to Jersey or through Jersey.
In New Jersey if you want good service at a restaraunt stay away from the National Chains.
In New Jersey on New Years Eve 2009/2010 it snowed and I held my daughter in my arms while we watched fireworks go off. She then told me "Daddy, this is the BEST NEW YEARS EVE EVER!"

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