Friday, April 24, 2015

Ideas and Repurcussions

            Well, I had an idea, okay, not just one idea, most of the time, on a daily basis that is I have a plethora of ideas. Ideas which I rarely act upon or attempt to make corporeal. Mostly what I do with my ideas is I forget them. I toss them into a mental locker along with all my other ideas, slam the door shut and put a lock on it. I don’t think about them, I don’t act upon them nor do I ever try and vocalize them.
            However there are exceptions. On occasion, very rare occasions there is an idea that refuses to be locked and hidden away. This type of idea happened about five months ago. Now, to say it is an original idea would be extremely pompous of me. No, this idea has been around for a long time. Others have had it and have acted upon it. My only twist to this notion was to have this idea dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It was an idea that just wouldn’t go to sleep.
            So I acted upon it.
            Now, saying I acted upon it means I had to think outside the box to bring it into fruition. I had to reassess how my job is done and how one in my position goes about getting things done. Fortunately for me I know how to maneuver in government employ. It is something I have over twenty years of experience with. I did what I had to do. I made the appropriate insane requests and then submitted my idea for the idea I wanted.
            It took some finagling, some presentations of examples and some wise words from other people to convince my supervisor and my director what I wanted was for the betterment of the museum. It worked. Much to my chagrin.
            So the order was placed for an extreme amount of product. When the last item ordered, which was the first item to arrive, I was a bit disappointed, I started a learning process which I am mired in right now.
            I am trying to fulfill my vision. I am trying to learn new technology and forms of communication. This is a job for a much younger person. A person who has been raised in the ins and outs of multi-media. Instead, I’m stuck with trying to learn what hashtags are. What specific links to specific people mean and how the whole world wide web works.
            I’m a fish out of water.
            Yet, I’m learning. I’m trying to do what is right by our society and its insatiable appetite for content. A content made for consuming and finding out what is in their interest and makes them get up out of their chairs and go out and see what is going on in the world.
            People who will eventually come see me and what my vision is. A vision of trains and what they bring to our lives. A vision that most people don’t see or understand. After all, everything you own in your life has spent some time on a train.
            This is the only point I try to instill in everyone I meet. All goods and services have traveled by rail in their life. Also, at one point, those goods and services have held up traffic. Traffic in which you and I sit in. Traffic in which we curse the gods of nature and all the lives and breathes from holding us up from our lives. Yet on those box cars, the hopper cars, the gondola cars and the intermodal cars lies our life.
            Yes, my vision was and is to show the people who visit us what life is like on the rails. It is a vision that has come to fruition. A vision that means I need to learn new software, hardware and programing in order to make it work. In other words, I’ve more than doubled my workload. And why? Simply put, to make people, the general public understand.
            I have no idea if what I have envisioned will work. But I do know that those who see it, will be blown away by the simplicity and the ease of access to which they’ve experienced.
            Yes, I have a lot of work to do, but in the long run, I believe what I’ve done will only enhance what I’ve been doing and show others what and important mode of consumerism they have brought upon themselves and the luxury to which their life holds with just menial delays.
            Have a great week and enjoy the future videos of trains I will be posting on my Facebook site.

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