Friday, March 7, 2014

Where are the Ides of March?

Welcome to the first blog of March. A bitter cold wind blows from the North bringing with it moisture from the sky. Winter seems to have arrived like an unwanted guest who has no clue he’s overstayed his welcome and on the horizon the Ides of March draw near.
            I can only hope that with the coming of the fateful 15th of March in which Julius Cesar was assassinated by conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius, the younger generation of the time, that a new revolution led by Mother Spring and Father Summer stick a heated blade into the heart of this miserable existence that seems to have gripped this nation in its miserable iron claws. We have been forced over these past few months to hide ourselves away from society and social experiences just to keep warm and safe from a weather system that seems to be controlled by a lapsed recovering meth addict straight out of Breaking Bad.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like cold weather, rain, snow, or inclement weather in any way shape or form. I actually enjoy days that surprise you with interesting phenomenon. However; to live through what seems like endless months of it all the while living in what is supposed to be a moderate and temperate climate? It’s enough to drive a person a bit bat-shit crazy. Especially if your primary mode of transportation does not have four wheels, an roof and windows.
            I’m not complaining, hell I ride in just about any weather, rain, wind, nineteen degrees with wind chill… I ride. But sometimes, enough is enough and I’m not the only one who thinks so. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is check your twitter feed, or facebook feed or any other social media outlet, there are enough people fed up with this season that I’m sure we could get an online petition together to send to the White House and have the President sign into law the end of this years winter with no problem whatsoever.
            As I sit here and reflect upon the growing disdain for the past few months I can’t help but throw my own hat into the ring of people fed up with what we have been served this year. The cold weather only brings higher power bills, cabin fever and a growing need for getting out of the four walls that we entomb ourselves in every day and night. But inside of me, deep down inside, a certain part of me can’t help but be a bit grateful for this past season.
            Soon this bi-polar, schizophrenic, ADHD, and sociopathic system of blasts of frigid air from the northern climes and we will be freed from the prison of   grayness that has filled so many with a forbidding and never ending look into an abyss of hopelessness. We stand on that edge, as a collective, breathing in deep the air of a thousand generations without realizing that as soon as we receive our parole we will forget about the months of being held hostage by an unseen and seemingly absent warden.
            For we are truly fortunate, we have each other, loved ones and even a nice place to lay our wearies and woes. I know I’ve used some of this time for an in-depth introspective time in my life. I’ve discovered some not so startling revelations about myself. I wish I could say I learned more about myself but I can’t. I try to live my life on my cuff and I also try not to do things that will cause me great regret or cause for reflection. However, I was not always like this and there are some things in my past I’m not happy about, I have to live with that and I believe this is one of the reasons I’m sick of this seemingly endless winter. All of this has led me to believe that I can’t be the only person on this mud-ball that feels this way. I’m sure there are others out there who’ve spent way too much time looking into their own id, or, more to the point, spending time alone with their own personal maniac.
            We all know that when you spend too much time with certain folks, you start to mimic each other’s behavior. Both good and bad traits are absorbed by our chameleon like qualities that seem to be left over from an earlier time in mankind’s existence. So tell me, that is if you dare, have you utilized this season of cold, gray, steely, loneliness to reflect on your past, good or bad? Have you?

Have a week.

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