Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Favor (Part Three, the end?)

            Okay, so I posted on Facespace not a few minutes ago, what people wanted to hear about and it was a total disaster. For Chuck a Gurkha, for Sue Winter Wonderland, for Bill bananafish are foul and for the rest of you… enjoy the ride.
            Normally, this time of year, I blog about how wonderful nature is in all its decaying glory, but today I received a text today informing me of a private message on my facebook page. I quickly cleared the message and told myself that I would check it later. Which I did, and now that I think about it, I should have ignored it, but you know, there are some things a person can’t ignore. This is one of those things.
            Now, if you, my dear reader have been keeping vigilant watch over my blog page, you know I was asked to act in a religious play not too long ago. I reluctantly agreed and found myself amongst some very nice people who, over the course of several weeks, endeared themselves to me. Do I miss them and the practice? Sort of. I don’t miss having one of the only two nights of my week taken up but I do miss the fun we had while practicing. No, we did not have crazy times like the band Guns and Roses listed in their liner notes of Appetite for Destruction. But I do miss seeing the friendly faces that greeted me easily and with no expectations in a joint effort that consisted of just us being in the same room with our only goal being “Just do the best you can.”
            Yup, that’s what I miss. The simple goal of doing what we believe is right and to the best of our abilities. The topic of our assembly is a joint agreement of faith that no one on this mudball could question. Although, in truth, if someone truly looked at me they would not see a person who wears his faith on his sleeve, no, they would see just some jerk in a leather jacket spouting earthy, fleshy quotes of those who’ve come before him.
            Back to the message.
            It is/was a request for me to come to the church where I performed as an actor and give a testimony of what I experienced.
            I was dumbfounded. Wordless. Lost in thought and in dire need of direction. I did the only thing I could do, I called my wife, only to get shoved into her voicemail. I thought about calling my pal Brian, but I knew what he would say. So I pocketed my phone and waited for a return call.
            It only took a half an hour before my wife called me back. What she told me was what I already knew.
            So now, I have an appointment on Sunday for not just a small photo shoot but also a time slot to give a speech. I’ve given the people in charge fair warning that I am a “What you see, is what you get.” Kind of person. I tried to emphasize that I may say things that may not want to be heard in a church type setting. They ignored or accepted that warning.
            In conclusion, I may or may not be damned by many or few people in the near future. But you know, that seems to be the daily walk for me in my life.
            Have a great week.

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