Monday, August 19, 2013


            It is no secret that I was on vacation for a couple weeks and I am now, thankfully, back at work. I don’t do well on vacations. Simply because I end up sleeping a lot for the first couple days and then I become restless and start puttering all around the house and then get bored and then inevitably, trouble. I avoided the getting in trouble part this time but I did sleep and I did putter.
            The first few days were ok. I was truly exhausted and needed the rest but then, I pretty much stopped sleeping. Not that I had insomnia, I didn’t. What I experienced could only be described as lucid sleep and the dreams I had during that time could only be described as disturbing. Now, I don’t normally dream, or more to the point, I don’t remember them. I’m usually so tried after a day of work, whether it is one or two jobs, that when I do finally put my head on the pillow, the land of NOD is soon in my future.
            From what I understand, from the books I’ve read, the television shows I’ve watched and the people I’ve spoken with, dreams are an integral part of our lives. But in all honesty, unlike most people I know, I am truly happy I don’t remember them. I don’t care to remember them nor if given a choice would I want to remember them. This has been my basic state of mind for as many years as I can recall.
            I’m comfortable with this attitude and if the results of the past couple of weeks is any indication of the state of being of my ID, I’m glad I don’t. I’m sure that there are plenty of head shrinkers out in the world that would love to get their slippery fingers inside my gray matter and root around and dig out all the juicy parts that have been repressed or hidden for years but I’m not about to give anyone that right.
            I suppose I should mention that as a child I suffered from all sorts of nightmares and bad dreams. As a matter of fact, I remember my bad dreams from my childhood and don’t remember my good ones. But I don’t think this is a unique trait in me, I believe the bad things, whether in dreams or in reality, stick with us more than the good things. Since this has been my situation all my life, I’ve really come to enjoy the fact that I don’t remember my dreams. To me, it means I didn’t have a bad night’s sleep.
            Last night, for the first time since my break from work, I didn’t wake up once nor did I remember any dreams. I went to bed at my usual time, I woke up a bit late for myself and I actually felt good. So good in fact that I got up out of bed and immediately started my day. I hope this is going to be the first night of many good night’s sleep.

And thus ends my blog for this week. Have a good week everyone.

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