Friday, June 14, 2013

Karmic Omission

            I don’t wear jewelry but I do have a string I wear around my neck that has two thumb drives and a Rosary Ring on it. I keep these with me at all times. Why? Because the thumb drives have all my writing and personal notes on them and I am not always at my laptop when a thought or new topic for a blog pops into my Polish head, or even a brief outline of a story idea decides it needs my attention. I am usually very diligent about the placement of this ad-hoc necklace, more so than I am of my glasses. But, on occasion I forget one of the drives in either my work computer or I leave it in my laptop and I don’t discover its absence until it is too late.
            Which is the case today. When I got home and pulled out my writings, I realized one of the thumb drives was still in my work computer. You see, early this week I sat down and punched out a blog to post for you to read. Unfortunately it was about midnight when I finished so instead of posting it I thought I would wait and post it in the morning or at a more convenient time of day. So, today without even thinking about it, when I got to work I had an idea in hit me in my head and I popped in my drive and jotted down my notes. Then the day got away from me. You know how that goes, office doors never being truly locked; it soon became apparent that my attentions were needed elsewhere. So, I went on about my day and by the time I left for work all I could think about was getting on my motorcycle and getting some wind in my face.
            Looking back now at the events of the day, maybe it was a good thing I didn’t post the blog I wrote. It seems now, looking back with 20-20 writing goggles, this particular blog may have been a bit too personal. Yes, I said it… too personal. I’ve always prided myself on not caring about whether a blog was too personal but today, this one seems as if it was. More to the point, too revealing on how I see things and how I think and why I can be cold towards others and the reasons why, so I’m sort of glad my subconscious made me forget my drive.
            So, instead, right now, you get to read this replacement blog. It’s not as revealing nor as entertaining as some of my others. But, it serves its purpose. What purpose you ask? Ok, I’ll try to explain…
            You ever say or do something and then later think you shouldn’t have? Well, that’s what this particular blog is. I don’t think I will ever post it, but I know I won’t erase it. I’m going to keep it and I’ll print it up and stick it in my blog binder along with the other umpteen hundred blogs I’ve written. I’m sure one day I will revisit what I wrote that balmy night, much like I revisit many of my blogs in those binders.
            I’m just thankful I was too tired to post it. This experience has been a karmic moment for me in my life and I’m going to believe someone or something somewhere knew I needed to keep this one for myself.
            On that note, I would also like to say that I try to never delete or alter the subject of what I’ve written. To that fact, I’ve only deleted one blog I’ve ever posted, that blog was written in anger and filled with the black ooze of emotional cancer we as a human race should try to avoid not just for our own sanity but the sanity of the ones we are involved with every day. So, on that note, I am going to finish this blog up. You all have a good week!

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