Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolution Update

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know, I’m a bit late, over a week late to tell you the truth but ya know, I’ve been a bit busy. Also, if you are like me, there is no way you want to wake up New Years Day, mouth filled with cotton and funk from the previous nights festivities that you can barely remember, just to read about someone else’s insane, or in some cases, inane party story. So, you can rest easier in knowing that I am not going to bore you with my party stories. Why? Because I have none to tell. See, simple.

I am however going to let you know how I’ve done on my resolutions from last year… which were what exactly?

1. Get published

2. Eat healthier

3. Be a better employee

4. Approach any and all situations with a sense of good humor

Well, let me break this list down in a more manageable manner.

1. One of my stories “Cindy’s Condition” was published in a book called “Death, Be Not Proud” and if you have been reading my blog this past year you know all about it. If you have not picked up a copy I highly recommend you do so. Not for me, for all the other great stories that are in there. I believe if you are a horror fan, you will really enjoy the tales. But that is not all; I have sold a second story which will be published sometime early this year as well. (Stay tuned for details. I would grade myself at an A for my publishing goals.

2. I have eaten healthier, but not by much. I am currently at a very manageable weight and my Doctor’s believe I will outlive them. (Ever want to prove a doc wrong?) Plus, I LOVE good food and most good food is filled with fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt and other things I don’t know the names of. Besides, I’m not a rabbit. I would grade myself at a B+ in my dietary goals.

3. I have really tried at this. I have not always been successful but I have given it my best effort. I would grade myself at a C+ if I were to be totally honest.

4. This particular resolution is always on my list and I seem to be getting better and better at it. In light of all the trials of this past year I have only lost my cool on three occasions. Which is actually pretty good not just for me but for anyone who is breathing and functioning on this planet. I would grade myself with a B for this one.

Where does that leave me? Well, for the year it looks as if I have a B average in my resolutions and I feel as if I was quite successful in my endeavors overall.

For this coming year I have not set down on paper what my resolutions will be but I am kicking around some ideas in my head. As I am sure you all are. I would love to hear from some of you as to how you feel you’ve done on your resolutions from last year, or if you didn’t have any resolutions last year, why not? And if you have any this year and wish to share them I would love to read about them. Think of it as a way to be held accountable for your own actions by someone you may or may not have ever met.

Have a great week!


  1. One simple, yet difficult, resolution for me. Living a healthier lifestyle. I love great (i.e.-unhealthy) food and great beer, as well. I'm going for a physical next week and I began working out this week. Here goes nothin'.

  2. Good luck. I know how tough it is to try and eat healthier food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.