Monday, July 11, 2011

Updates for July

Ok, I was asked to do a guest blog on a buddy of mines website (He held me at gunpoint)... so I gave him (At gunpoint and with the threat of some incriminating photos which are PHOTOSHOPPED!) a story I wrote over a year ago. I think you all may enjoy my tale (Since I can't post it here for you cause he STOLE it from me at GUNPOINT.) So head on over to Chris's website... read my story, leave a comment (Cause he said he would steal my computer if you don't leave a comment.) (that is the website, just click it and have some fun.)

Please do this for me... Chris can get very angry and has very little control over his emotions. (I think he was dropped on his head a lot as a kid or adolescent.)

Thanks one and all. And look for a new blog in a day or two from me.

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