Monday, August 2, 2010

Brain Freeze/Overload

Normally when I sit down to write my blog I just reach into the recesses of my mind, find the one topic or idea that has been jumping up and down all week waving its’ hands in the air, screaming for attention like the 14 year old teacher’s pet/know it all. You know the one that always blew the bell curve on tests and always had the answer to everything? The one that eats lunch all by themselves and ends up playing freeze tag alone at recess. Yeah, that one! That’s the one I pay heed to, give my attention to and I then reach out with my mental hand and grasp it and pulverize the little sucker till he screams no more.

That’s my method. True, I am sure that some folks out there will consider it crass, crude and barbaric but it works for me. Except right now it’s not working for me. I mean, it is but it’s not. You see when I looked into my mind yesterday to write down a thought or thoughts I saw not just one screaming idea but an entire ocean of hands in the air, everyone of them demanding the same amount of attention. So instead of just trying to work through it and find the one that was just a tad bit higher than the rest of them I shut them all down. I walked away thinking that I would come back later and find one. I did just that. I walked away. Now today I came back and I found that the same occurrence was going on. An entire sea of thoughts and ideas screaming for me to let them out. Stories both fictional and fantasy, political views, social commentaries, jokes, scripture, historical forgotten facts and just a bunch of other mental debris that seems to clutter up my daily thought process.

So if you all will just bear with me for a few days or so I will try and get something a little more substantial to you. I’m not going to promise anything of a meaty variety or even some sugary confection but I will say that it is definitely going to be better than this.

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