Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Ring Circus

It has been a busy week here in the Heart of the South. Booksales, good friends, food, family time and the 60 to 70 hours worth of work I managed to accomplish. So, where is this blog going? Simple, I am gonna cheat and do something I have been trying to avoid doing.

I am gonna talk a bit about Politics and my lack of interest in them lately. Why? Because I just don’t feel like expunging any of the emotional cancerous goo that is building up inside me. I’m way too tired for that and I just don’t have the energy to bleed that much onto my keyboard and then spend hours cleaning up the mess. And, sometimes a person just needs to keep some things locked up inside for a little bit longer so that the festering crud can mature.

Onto the topic in our Hometown News!

The mayor of my city is being recalled. This is really not revealing news if you have lived here in Virginia for the past 9 months. The citizens of Portsmouth have been screaming for the mayors head since his latest assistant has come out and screamed about his abuse of power and all the non government business he had her doing. The list of transgressions is pretty impressive and range from “Labeling his socks” (I really don’t know how a person would do that but ok) to “Canceling his Playboy Subscription” (Why? Don’t know except he is in his 80’s) to getting “Slim fitting T-shirts and Turkey Neck Crème.” (Simply because he is old and putting on weight and wants to look good)

There have been television interviews, newspaper articles, fights and even lots of name calling. It has trully been a wonderful time to be a spectator on the political front lines. Heck, even the City Council has come out and asked for this guy to retire. He refuses and simply says that “It is all part of my persona and she and you should accept it.” He stated that in a television interview. I laughed, I cried and then I shrugged my shoulders and walked away. Why? Because as a City Employee I can’t afford to get involved on either side of this mess.

I say let them fight it out and when the election comes I will go vote like I always do. I will even vote in the Recall Election simply because I believe that you have to participate in the process if you are ever gonna see a change in anything. But for all the pomp can crapolla that leads up to it? I just don’t care. Look, I never voted for this guy, even when no one was willing to run against him. I wrote in names and those names are unimportant especially since there really is no Howard Roark or John Galt but I voted and that is what counts. Right?

Well that’s it for now. If you want to know more about this three ring circus go to WAVY DOT COM and look it all up or even PILOTONLINE DOT COM. Loads of laughter will fill your day.

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